Teaching Grammar using the Montessori Farm

Teaching Grammar using the Montessori Farm


Montessori Farm


The most enticing part of every Montessori classroom is the Farm. Those beautifully crafted animals are a treasure for preschoolers who are naturally drawn to such small objects. The creativity goes beyond limits when children immerse themselves in imaginative play. But Montessori Farm is to be more than just played with. The Farm is used as a language resource in the Montessori classroom. It provides a setting for activities of language enrichment, grammar and reading.

Through the Farm, your child can practice their reading skills, labelling the objects on the farm (and around the house) as well as building and reading aloud simple phrases and sentences. Even if your child has not yet been introduced to sentence analysis, the label cards are nonetheless color coded, following the same consistency they will encounter later when learning about verbs, nouns, articles and other parts of speech.



Print and laminate your own grammar cards



Activities with Grammar Cards


1. Labelling the environment

Use adjectives and nouns to label things around the house. Have your child be creative when coming up with ideas in assigning adjectives.


2. Action words

Use prepositions and verbs to put the whole family in action! Make it a fun family game where everyone gets to take turns in pulling out a verb from the pile, reading aloud and performing the activity written on the card. As for prepositions, think of creative ways to position yourself in relation to the furniture as described on the cards.


3. Matching game

You can make additional cards that depict the parts of speech and create a matching activity. Make sure your pictures are the same size as our labels (3.2” x 3.2”). Find nice baskets or boxes to display each part of speech.


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